Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Speech Buddies: Guide for Parents

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Speech Buddies is a new idea that takes the best technology used by speech therapists and brings it into the home for parents to use with their children.  The main goal for this new technology is to teach children correct tongue placement for the most common problem sounds for a child including; R, S, L, CH, and SH.  For parents this technology is a way to develop new routines for speech therapy by incorporating learning with activities that can appeal to children.
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So parents may be wondering, "What are the benefits of Speech Buddies?"  Results have shown that with the help of speech buddies, children have been able to learn problem sounds twice as fast as a child who has not used this technique. Another benefit of the program is that is can decrease the cost and time necessary to help child over come problems with speech by bringing it into the home and allowing the parents to act as the teacher.  

The Speech Buddy website has a lot of valuable information for parents to read and go over before making the decision of whether or not this new idea is right for their child.  Questionnaires are present to help parents determine whether or not their child even has a speech problem.  There are also audio videos for parents to watch that show parents how to use Speech Buddies in the home.  Definitions of what speech disorders are and how it can be treated are present on the website as well.  Another tool present on the website for parents to use is the "frequently asked questions" portion.  There are questions present that many parents ask regarding Speech Buddies and give answers to those questions.  If parents find that they are interested in this program there is a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a booklet that can be downloaded if there are still questions the parents have not got answered from the website.

Speech therapy is a common technique used to help children over come their problems with speech and Speech Buddies is a new and exciting way for parents to do just that.  If anyone is interested in the Speech Buddies program and would like to see prices as well as learn more about the technology please visit the Speech Buddies website.

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